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Thu, 01/17/2013 - 17:21 -- admin

Cole Brenner
Owner & Creative Director

The hope of our site is to show the passion Bds has for creative designs and the relationships with our clients over years working together. I was recently asked to define one design area that is our "niche" and couldn't. Our design "Niche" is our range of design experience that allows us to develop amazing concepts and then bring those designs to life in print, online & everywhere. If it is a great start-up idea then our studio can take them from initial logo through years of product lines, websites and events. Same with a need for something amazing designed, that design will be great, original and designed to have the best quality when its produced. 

There are lots of Design Studios, Freelancers and Marketing Groups to pick between.  I'd like to explain how we treat our client's projects with this metaphor: When we are asked to deliver our client the best paddle boat to cross a river we deliver exactly what that client requested... a bridge. 

Thanks again for your time looking through the design work and please drop me a line anytime, I look forward to it... Thanks, Cole

BRENNER design studio is currently living and operating in the beautiful town of Boulder Colorado.